Member Benefits:

  • Unlimited non-exclusive access to pedigreed materials and process data, formatted for input to commercially available process modeling codes
  • Shared prioritization and management of data development projects
  • Ability to propose and select data generation projects of interest

How to become a member:

  • Membership Agreement 
  • Bylaws
  • Membership Dues: $35,000/year; Industry Member’s annual Consortium Support Fee shall be presented and payable according to each annual invoice delivered to Industry Member by the Business Administrator during the Term.
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Pratt & Whitney, Founding Member

“Dynamic material properties are critical inputs for all manufacturing process model and simulation efforts.  Without accurate material data, resultant predictions will not be accurate, and could be misleading.  It is vital that well-characterized material property data with associated pedigree be established and utilized for all manufacturing process modeling efforts.” - David Furrer, Pratt & Whitney